TEJ STIM – Bio Stimulant


The Product:
Tejstim is a formulation based on L- cysteine, NATCA , 6-BA, Cytokininis an important amino acid and the folic acid in a particularly available form. Tejstim permits full utilization of all the bio chemical and physiological reserves of plants, resulting in better yields in term of both quality and quantity and can be obtained in addition to an increase in yield.

(NATCA) N-Acetyl Thiazolidine 4 Carboxylic Acid, (6-BA) 6-benzyladenine, Cytokininis, amino acid folic acid & other adjuvant in stabilized buffered solution – Q.S.


  • Enhance the flowering capacity.
  • Controlled flower dropping and increase the size of fruit.
  • Improve color and quality of fruits, uniform ripening.
  • Increase the photosynthesis.
  • Increase the resistance capacity of plant.

For foliar spray in all crop like Paddy, Redgram, Soyabean, Tea, Coffee, Cotton, Grapes, All vegetables at flowering & fruit stage.

10 ml to 15 ml Tejstim 15 liter of water.

Packing :
50 ml, 100 ml, 250 ml, & 500 ml.