Vesicular Arbuscular Mycorrhizal Biofertilizer


Introduction to Mycorrhiza in Maari : MARI is a unique product solution containing infected propagules of vesicular arbuscular mycorrhizae (VAM) in the form of granules, which are based on a triple power formula. The excellent mycorrhiza medium makes Maari one of the best formulations for Indian soils. The word mycorrhiza (meaning fungus root) originally comes from French (1885). It is made up of the Greek words myco = fungus and rhizome = root. Mycorrhizae are fungal hyphae and their association with a variety of plant hosts is collectively called mycorrhizae. Mycorrhiza Fungi that colonize the plant’s root system (cortical tissue) and develop a symbiotic relationship in the rhizosphere. Through a network of fine filaments (hyphae) that are attached to plant roots, mycorrhizae extract nutrients and water from the soil, which the root system is normally unable to do.

Important functions of mycorrhiza between plants and soil : The symbiotic relationship between mycorrhizae and roots can be established by nutrient movement – carbon flows to the fungus and these organic nutrients move to the plant. In this way they become an important link between the roots of plants and the soil. And this is possible only because of the mycorrhiza present in the soil. Maari helps in the availability and transport of nitrogen and phosphorus from the soil to the plants and the mycorrhizae present in the mari use carbohydrate forms for energy needs.

Important benefits of Maari :
Maari increases the ability of roots to absorb water and nutrients.
Maari helps in increasing the porosity of the soil and thus increases the water retaining capacity of the soil.
By controlling the availability of essential components to the plants, Maari increases the resistance of plants to various insects and diseases.
Along with biotic, Maari also increases the stress tolerance index of the crop against abiotic stress.
Maari stimulates the fertilizer absorption and availability process in the soil.
Maari improves the quality of the produce by ensuring uniform growth of the plants.

Important characteristics of Maari :
Maari High Loaded Maximum Impact (HLMI) formulation contains endo mycorrhizae with uniform quality and spores with infection potential as per FCO norms.
Being a powerful formulation, Maari should be applied at 3 kg per acre. The quantity is sufficient.
Maari is loaded with triple power formula and is available in premium packaging as well as registered under FCO.
Due to containing powerful bio enhancers, it provides complete nutrition to the crop.
Maari can be used on all types of crops in their primary stage. (i.e. sown with seeds and/or can be used in combination with fertilizer).
Maari can be used with all granular insecticides and herbicides except fungicides.
Maari is suitable for both Kharif and Rabi crops and is also a safe production for the environment.

Maari Usage Instructions : 3 kg per acre. to 6 kg. Maari gives better results when applied on soil in quantity of . Maari can be mixed with any organic manure, soil and sand for easy use. Do not mix Maari with any fungicide. Better results are obtained from Maari when used in the initial stage of the crop. Research has shown that products like Maari not only lead to higher yields but also improve the quality of the produce. Using Maari with Pixel (22% organic acid) liquid reduces farmers’ dependence on fertilizers to enrich the soil.