A Natural Organic Product


The Product:
Harrow is a natural eco-friendly organic product, which contains no external chemicals. It increase root penetration and white root developments. Increase soil fertility through its influence on the water holding capacity of the soil. Increase soil micro-organisms metabolic activities, stimulates the respiration rates of seedlings which leads to quicker germination even under very adverse condition. Enhances plant root uptake of N,P, K, Fe, Cu, Ca. Protects plant from chlorosis, enhance photosynthesis, increase vegetative growth.

Free Flowing Black Crystalline / Powder.

1 kg per acre as per requirement.

Dose Recommendations:

  • Seed dressing : Mix 20-25 gm with 1 kg of Seed and sow.
  • Root dipping : Mix 20-25 gm per liter of water and dip roots for 5 min.
  • Nursery bed : Mix 200 gm Creta-X with any required fertilizer placement 1 acre nursery bed.
  • Broadcasting : Use 1 kg per acre with any fertilizer & pesticide for paddy crop.
  • Drip Irrigation by soil : use 1 kg Harrow in 150 to 200 liter water for 1 acre area. Batter Result after
    30 days Second Dose & as per requirement.

Packing :
1 kg