GROVIK – Provides High Yield For All Crops


The Product:
An exclusive product for increasing the agricultural productivity both in qualitative and quantitative aspect. It aims to replenish the global food scarcity by increasing crop production in the available land. It contains wide range of natural Minerals, Enzymes, Vitamins, Nutrients & Antioxidant in nano form. Grovik is a concentrated product for complete plant development from root to the shoot, increases immunity & works efficiently in all crops. It increase yield & quality to optimum level. Visible difference can be seen at all stages of crop & also it is suitable for organic cultivation.

All crops (After sowing or transplanting, Active vegetative stage)

Dose and Method of Application:

  • Broadcast: 250gm/acre
  • Spray : 100gm/acre

Packing :
250 gm & 100 gm pouch