FASTER – Bio Organic Ingredient


The Product:
Faster is an assured organic solution against the most serious pest of paddy as well as sugarcane. The problem of insect pest such as early shoot borers, soil borers, leaf folders, and whorl maggot is acute in case of all the crops over the past several years. Sugarcane borer have shown up in rice corn and sorghum. It is powerful product of modern era which active to soil micro organism that helps to promote new secondary root and branches. Due to available some unique elements have capacity to fight against disease and climatic stress. Faster is basically meant to control such harmful and most damaging pest in crops.


  • Protect the crop from heavy infestation.
  • Increase germination, promotes healthy growth of shoot.
  • Profuse root development.
  • Increasing tillers growth.
  • Maintain the sucrose content in sugarcane.
  • Increasing uptake capacity of nutrients
  • Improve fertility and texture of soil.
  • Improves activities of beneficial micro organism.
  • Strengths tolerance to diseases and climatic stress.
  • Higher yield and better quality of product.

Broadcasting after 5- 15 days of sowing and second 25-50 days sowing before the irrigating the crop. It can be mix with any fertilizer and insecticide. Suitable for all types of plant in Floriculture, Horticulture, Cash crops, vegetables, spices and condiments etc.

Through principally sugarcane this product also protect crops like paddy, corn, Sorghum from pest attack.

 4-8 kg per acre

Packing :
4 kg bag.