Crop Protection


This product reduces various problems from crops under any stress conditions. This increases the immunization capacity of the plants. It also provides necessary support to plant stay healthy even in adverse climatic conditions. AEBO is a special blend of organic fertilizers which are derived from various plant species. The unique combination promotes growth of friendly bacteria and also helps in growth of plants. Application of AEBO increases plants disease resistance capacity and promotes vigorous growth. With the increased plant disease resistance capacity, use of pesticides can be reduced which are usually used to control various sucking pests.
Benefits : It improves overall health of the plants., It helps in increasing yield for superior crop., It reduces the cost of Agro-inputs, since it increase disease resistance capacity., It Increase plant resistance capacity to diseases caused due to various sucking pests.
Crop : All Vegetables like Chilly, Tomato, Okra, , Brinjal & Horticulture crops.
Dose and Method of Application : AEBO must be used at the rate of 150 to 200 ml in 150 to 200 Liter of water per acre, depending upon the requirement. Spray early mornings or late evenings.