Potassium Schoenite 23% W/sK20

Potassium Schoenite supplies two vital plant nutrients – potassium and magnesium. (23.0% K20 and 11% MgO). It is a homogeneous, crystalline powder. Widely used on sensitive vegetable and fruit crops that requires high Potash and Magnesium rates, but do not tolerate high levels of Sodium and chloride or soluble salts. Often used as a source of potassium and Magnesium in high-quality. Maintain vital green pigment necessary for sugar manufacturing in plants, Improves the yield and quality of fruit crops, Virtually free from chloride, sodium and other harmful elements for plants.

Potassium Schoenite MAP is not only an efficient source of phosphorous but also facilitates plant uptake of the phosphorus naturally present in the soil. This is due to the ammonium (NH4+) in MAP, which lowers the pH in the root zone and thus enhances phosphorus availability.

Packing : 25 kg bag & 1 kg pouch