Abhima Calcium Nitrate

Calcium Nitrate – N15.5 : Ca18.8

Abhima Calcium Nitrate Technically known as Calcium Nitrate fertiliser, Abhima Calcium Nitrate has 15.5%
nitrogen with an additional 18.8% of calcium. This fertiliser is formulated to improve root and vegetative growth and helps in developing plant resistance to diseases and moisture stress. Abhima Calcium Nitrate is a versatile fertiliser and performs in acidic and alkaline soil conditions. The calcium present in the fertiliser is
completely water-soluble; while nitrogen, present in nitrate form is easily available. Both calcium and nitrogen
are synergistic, working together to improve yield and quality of vegetables, fruits, and flowers. The fertiliser also improves the shelf-life of produce, reducing the rotting and cracking of fruits.

The ideal dosage of Abhima Calcium Nitrate is 5gm / litre of water, foliar sprayed three to four times a day at an interval of fifteen days after the fruit setting stage. This fertiliser needs to be used for fertigation alone and  cannot be mixed with fertilisers that contain phosphate and sulphates.

Packing :
25 kg bag & 1 kg pouch