Abhima 19:19:19

NPK Fertilizer

Abhima 19:19:19 is a completely water soluble fertiliser that assists in vegetative growth of crops. This fertilizer contains nitrogen, present in ammoniacal, amide and nitrate forms, this further supplemented with Zinc, Iron. Copper and Manganese. Aphima 19:19:19 is free from sodium and chloride. The solubility and acidity of the fertilizer helps ensure that spray nozzles are never clogged.

Abhima 19:19:19 is not compatible with organophosphorus chemicals but can be used with other fertilizers and common plant protection chemicals. The fertilizer should be administered during the vegetative, flowering and fruit development stages. The ideal dosage of this fertilizer is two to four sprays at fifteen-day intervals.
180 to 200 lite of spray should be sprayed per acre, during the cool hours of the day. The mixture should be made of 5 gm for every litre of water. Poorna 19 is ideal for food grains, vegetables, fruit crops, and plantation crops.

Packing : 
25 kg bag & 1 kg pouch