Abhima 00:52:34

Mono Potassium Phosphate Fertilizer

Abhima 00:52:34 Technically known as Mono Potassium Phosphate , this speciality fertiliser is completely water-soluble and induces increased flowering and fruit set. As a Mono Potassium Phosphate fertiliser, Abhima 00:52:34 has an PK ratio of 00:52:34. Regular use of this fertiliser can reduce premature flower dropping and fruit shedding. This fertiliser can be sprayed during the flowering, fruit formation, and grain filling stages. The risk of scorching or burning in foliar application is low.

Abhima 00:52:34 improves the quality of the produce. The ideal dosage of this fertiliser is five gm/lite of water, being sprayed two to three times at an eight-day interval. While compatible with other fertilisers, Abhima 00:52:34 should not be mixed with fertilisers that contain calcium.

Packing :
25 kg bag & 1 kg pouch