Company's Vision

To develop a strong identity, become the market leader and first choice among cement consumers in India. We intend to maintain our leading position in the cement industry and transform ourselves into a major player in the infrastructure sector.

Company's Mission

To satisfy customers by providing them with a high quality product and service at an affordable price.

Quality Statement

We are successful only when our customers are successful. Deacons Cement Private Limited contributes to customers’ success by supplying them with the products they want and need. We strive to achieve customer satisfaction by ensuring that the quality of our products are within the required standards and services are consistent and are continuously improved to meet our customer’s expectations. It is the declared goal of every employee to make Deacons Cement Private Limited recognized by Chhattisgarh for cement quality. This position allows us to achieve the market leadership.

Principal Activities

The principal activity during the year under review are manufacturing and selling of cement.