A Pesticide, Micro nutrient Fertilizer, Water Soluble Fertilizer and Bio Product giant in Agricultural Chemical Industry – A name known for excellence in product quality and service. A Company always working for the betterment of farmers, operating in Indian market for more than 10years.

Agricultural Business Division – is based on the concept of Crop District Approach. Deacons crop science is promoting “Crop Care Concept” throughout the crop districts, where the needs and problems of the crops are identified and an attempt is made to meet the same by existing solutions or procuring new/right solutions. The basic market potentials are worked out by a systematic approach called Market Potential System, which helps to determine market share on every important crop in the district.

This also helps to identify new avenues and understand customer’s requirements better. The field staff is in constant touch with the market and customers to achieve this objective.

Our Values

The Company’s long and successful past also provides customers with the assurance that Deacons will continue to be a valued partner long into the future. The focus is to create partnerships for Research & Development, & marketing for many more active pesticides & combinations

Customer Success

Believing that success lies in the success of existing and potential customers. On this foundation, doing all possible to understand, fulfill and exceed customers' stated needs.


Continuously upgrade skills and knowledge about technology, markets, products, customers, regulations and business processes & encourage new ideas.


Winning, doing better than others through exploring new opportunities and enhancing the interests of every employee, share holder & stake holder.


Employee and channel partners thinking and working together across functions, business and geographies, leveraging the available resources to achieve common goals.

Our Story

BIO COMPANY. It is an ISO 9001 certified

Deacon’s Crop Science Pvt. Ltd. today has tied up several exclusive Marketing arrangements with manufacturers of quality plant nutritional products all over the world. All products sourced from abroad are formulated with specific inputs from Deacon’s Crop Science Pvt. Ltd.market intelligence and technical support from our technical support teams.

The R&D efforts of our International partners have therefore taken into account the unique agro-climatic requirements of India. This ensures that all the products that Deacon’s Crop Science Pvt. Ltd. imports from Europe, Turkey, Singapore, USA and South America are all tailor-made to suit Indian conditions.

“Made For India” is indeed, the Aries mantra. Since the turn of the millennium, Deacon’s Crop Science Pvt. Ltd. has positioned itself as INDIA’S PLANT NUTRIENTS SUPERBAZAAR. 

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